• Masters Tennis – A shorter court, modified racquets and an orange ball make this format easy for every adult to play.  Can be played on clay, hard, or indoor community center.
  • Veteran and Adaptive Tennis – Modified and adaptive tennis programs uniquely created for each facility.  Wounded Warrior Curriculum available.
  • touchtennis – An alternative format from the UK everyone can play.  Clay, grass, hard.  Uses modified racquets and special touchtennis balls. Click here for more information. 
  • Blind Tennis – Yes, you can even play blind tennis.  Whether you have a partial sight impairment, or would like to play with blind, there is a standard format created by the International Blind Tennis Association, started in Japan, and is now an international event! Click here for more information.
  • Beach Tennis – Located in Miami and Palm Beach. For more information, click here.



(allow 6-8 weeks prior to event date)
  • Modified Tennis Programs – Masters, Adaptive, Indoor Recreational, Veteran, Community Center, Blind, Beach, Touchtennis
  • Balanced Pros – Stress Management techniques, TennisDirector (one-stop total management system), Bio Individual Nutrition/Wellness Principals for the Long Haul, etc
  • Alternative/Modified or Adaptive Resource Equipment Demo (1 or more) – ViPR, Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach, Magic Net System, Driveway Tennis Package, Jingles Bell Balls, Blind Tennis Kit, Beach Tennis,Tactile Tape, fitness and agility tools, and more.



(allow 8 week pre-booking, except Special Events)
  • Conference Presentations – Pre-approved topics, signed MOU
  • Interactive Special Events – non-profit conferences, annual meetings, other events
  • Special Events – One-On-One Doubles Tournaments. Contact 3-4 months in advance for availability