WHAM IT! Wham what?

  • December 20, 2016

Greetings and welcome to the world of  WHAM IT!  What is WHAM IT! you ask?  WHAM IT! stands for Wellness Health And Modifications using Integrative Tools.

My name is Christine Foltz, founder of WHAM IT! concept.  Generally, when you think of tennis, you probably think of leagues, tournaments, and the U.S. Open.  Your thoughts go to a yellow ball, 78’ court, and balls flying fast and furious, some faster than you can place your racquet on and a court larger than your legs want to carry you these days. Through my experience as a cradle tennis player, group fitness expert, and the only USTA FL Masters Tennis Coordinator, I noticed a large portion of our population has either never played, or hasen’t played for decades.  My goal is to bring more adequate and “fun” tennis experiences to an under-served demographic. My ultimate mission is to bridge the gap between recreational tennis needs and traditionally-focused providers and players to educate each on a variety of unique program and equipment choices. This adds tremendous value and excitement as well as a sense of high level customer satisfaction, especially for those that never thought they could have so much fun playing tennis.

How can this be accomplished you ask?  My grassroots efforts with new, returning, adaptive, or re-integrative adult players, along with my background as an expert in outpatient rehab, personal and group fitness and nutritional training,  has allowed me to acquire years of experience working with the general public’s needs, provider challenges, and current wellness trends, summarizing the disconnect between them in the industry.  My position with USTA FL leading the famous Masters Tennis, has sparked an interest in search of various unique resources in order to connect with and to make known to providers and players how each can be connected within the community.

Through collaborative efforts with vendors, tennis organizations, program founders, and by fostering personal relationships between them, I bring tennis possibilities to a vast array of people who never imagined playing and enjoying tennis, or perhaps need more fun on the courts at this point in their lives. Whether they are beginner, deconditioned, have modified needs, or alternative court sizes or formats, players and coaches will appreciate this quiet but vast area of the tennis world few have begun to serve.

My desire to help fill this need created a pioneering perspective that hopefully will connect the industry to many more individuals. I am here to help make this a reality.

Want to learn how to make this a reality in your community?  Contact me at info@whamit.net and you, too, can be involved with this new movement of bringing tennis options to more adults like never before!

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