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Want to take tennis anywhere you are?  Collaborative affiliates provide these fabulous kits, which can be set up just about anywhere at any time. Beach, park, home, school- they are conveniently portable, lightweight, and easy to assemble.  Choose 1 or several to fit your needs. Not sure? Contact me at: for more information.

netMagic Net Set-The new Magic-Net is just that – MAGIC! It is a retractable net system that is the most affordable and portable in the world.

Affordable … far lower price point than other portable nets. Consists of 2 spring-loaded canisters with a retractable 2″ band.
Portable … Smaller than a box of Kleenex. Weighs less than 2 pounds. Zipper carry case included.
Adjustable … Can be used anywhere! Driveway, tennis court, parking lot, garage, even inside your home. And by anyone! Parents, players, coaches. For any paddle or racquet sport! Ping pong (dining room table with canisters hanging on the back of folding chairs), driveway tennis, red-level tennis, Pickle Ball, POP Tennis, or badminton (attach canisters to poles or fence, extends to 22” length)

“When you drive by neighborhoods, you see small soccer goals everywhere, in front yards, backyards, and driveways.  Before now, portable tennis nets have been too big.” – Joe Dinoffer

Magic-Net Bases (sold separately, offered as a set above or can order alone) They come as a set of 2 and may be filled with water or sand. They adjust in height up to 44″ (up to 44” approximately the same height as a tennis net post)

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Driveway Tennis Package

Now you can play tennis anywhere! Use your driveway, basement, game room, patio, or even cul-de-sac. The 6-foot Multi Target Net sets up in seconds. It is also adjustable in height up to 60 inches for recreational badminton or beach ball volleyball with adults or kids as young as 3 years old! The 21″ racquets are a perfect racquet for children. The softball-size Quick Start 36 Foam Balls are high-quality and bounce like normal tennis balls except at less than half the speed to allow everyone to play with success from the first few hits.


Set includes: 1 MultiTarget Net, 2 – 21″ Quick Start Junior Racquets, 1 set of 6 Quick Start 36 Foam Balls

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red-yellow-ballsRecreational Tennis Balls

Play with a variety of ball compressions and types to fit your unique needs.

Quick Start 36’ Foam Balls: are softball-size and ideal for beginning players on 36-foot or 60-foot courts, indoors or out.  These top-of-the-line foam balls are designed for durability and consistent bounce; they rebound to an appropriate height. They come as a set of 6, 12 or a case of 144.

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jingle-ballsJingle Bells Balls

 Jingles Bell Balls are softball-size foam balls, with an internal bell that rings when it strikes any surface or the racquet. These fun balls are ideal for beginning players or for indoor environments where the ball cannot break anything. Jingles are made from 100% density top-of-the-line foam balls, designed for durability and consistent bounce. They also rebound to an appropriate height. They come as a set of 6, 12 or a case of 144.

*Jingles Bell Balls are also a ground-breaking training aid for sight-impaired tennis players. The bell inside makes playing easier to track the ball in the air, rhythm skill-building, and fun.

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balls-book-rackets30-Love Tennis Kit

The American Printing House For The Blind has a kit for Blind Tennis players, including:

A Set of 6 sound-adapted tennis balls (rattle balls, official ball approved by IBTA)

30-Love: Tennis Guidelines for Players with Visual Impairments,Large Print

30-Love: Tennis Guidelines for Players with Visual Impairments,Braille


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racketsRecreational Racquets 

Perfect for beginning adult, returning from injury, or young players. Featuring C-frame construction, the racquets are color-coordinated to match red-level, orange-level, and green-level balls and court sizes. Length stenciled on racquets and butt caps! Grips are extra long for two-handed backhands.

Select from the following sizes:  19”, 21”, 23” 25”

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Training and Fitness Conditioning Aides

The following equipment can be used for more exciting and “state-of-the-art” modified tennis conditioning programs. Contact our team for more information.

kings-logoBillie Jean King’s The Eye Coach

“This is the most useful tool to learn the right way to track the ball at point of contact”, says Billie Jean King, tennis champion and sports icon. The Eye Coach helps any skill level, including beginners and some adaptive players training to improve accuracy, balance, and conditioning for greater enjoyment when playing.  It’s also a great Physical Therapy tool if you’ve been away from the courts due to injury or surgery, as it increases muscle memory, consistent ball strike, and can help generate more power with less effort. It is portable enough to travel in a duffel or tennis tennis-thingbag.  Lenny Schloss says:  “Using the Eye Coach for just 5 minutes a day for 5 weeks will improve your accuracy and “fun factor” of playing tremendously.

“The Eye Coach is the greatest tennis teaching tool in the history of the game. … It’s the best and easiest way to learn the game of tennis the “correct” way. If I had the Eye Coach as a beginner I would have not had any weaknesses in my tennis game.”

– Murphy Jensen
French Open Doubles Champion

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viprThis truly functional, whole-body training tool brings fitness out of the gym into everyday life. This product combines full-body movement with load, recreating real-life spatial movement, enhancing the vitality, performance and reconditioning goals of players and athletes, no matter skill level nor age.  Exercise with the ViPR trains the body for daily tasks such as carrying heavy items. ViPR uses the four pillars of human movement: gravity infused, stretch-to-shorten, tri-planar and integrated. Lift, drag, throw or step on your ViPR – any movement is suitable for all ages and abilities.

-Several convenient handholds
-Builds muscle and burns calories through strength and movement training

-Made of rubber so it can be used indoors or outdoors and is virtually    indestructible

-Incredibly functional – provides for loaded tennis movements for pre tennis preparation and conditioning.


* For purchasing or program development module access, contact John Sinclair, Program Officer, Institute of Motion,, partner with WHAM IT!


Z Ball & Z Ball DVD – fun games for reflexes and reaction

The 7-knob design creates unpredictable bounces for athletes with beginning through intermediate skills. Use the blue/yellow ball on gym floors, and the red/yellow ball on darker surfaces. Ideal for beginning to intermediate athletes

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